Real Estate Rumble Field Day Event

Location: Lisle Community Park {map}

When: Sunday, August, 19 2012 10:00 AM

Field Day Competition : New for 2012!
Teams of 4 will perform physical feats of awesomeness to fight for the title of “Rock stars” in their field. Who’s the fastest broker? Strongest construction company? Most strategic mechanical contractor? It will be a Real Estate Rumble not to miss!

To participate in the Real Estate Rumble Field Day Event, sign up your team of four individuals (must be over 13, and preferably from the same company) to participate in three heart-pumping, physical feats of awesomeness! There will be a dizzy bat dash, limited limb relays, and an inflatable pony race you won’t want to miss out on!  Spots are limited – register your team now!

Registration:  $60.00 / team

* online registration only

**Your registration fee is a donation to RETH.  Sorry, no refunds.


Questions? Contact the Race Administrator:


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